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Slow throughput with Lenovo x220 and Verizon Rezound LTE hotspot

Hello everyone. I've recently picked up a HTC Rezound phone, which runs on Verizon's 4G LTE network (I'm in New Orleans, BTW). When using the built-in hotspot mode connected to my Lenovo x220, I get slow (150ms) ping times and am lucky to break the 1 Mb/s barrier (this in LTE mode). The x220 has the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6250 AGN wireless adapter, which works fine with every other high-speed wireless connection.

Conversely, the Rezound hotspot blazes (10 Mb/s and faster) on my iPad and two desktop machines in my house (both have wireless adapters). The pokey speeds experienced on the x220 don't seem to be related to location (I've tried a bunch). Instead, I've concluded there is some conflicting setting on the Centrino 6250 adapter. I've played around with various of these configuration settings, but nothing so far has worked.

Any suggestions about what might be going on? I love the phone, and very much want to resolve this glitch so I can make the most of its LTE capabilities.


Many thanks in advance...A.
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Community Manager

Hello andyadler,

As you mentioned, it seems to be some sort of settings on the laptop side, which we would recommend a few things:

1. Make sure to have the latest drivers installed from the computer manufacturer.

2. Escalate the case with Lenovo*, and see if this behavior is expected on their laptops.