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Uninstall Intel PROSet/Wireless Software - COMPLETELY


I'm having a hell of a time trying to completely uninstall this software. It is listed twice in the Add/Remove programs (Win 8). Doesn't matter which one I choose - when I attempt to uninstall I get the following message,

"This version can not upgrade from the current older product. Please uninstall the older product manually."

I can only guess things got screwed up by trying to use the Samsung Software update utility that came with the laptop. I want to completely uninstall the wireless software/drivers, download the latest from Intel and then install that.

Can anyone help me?


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Ok, I was able to get around this by going into C:\ProgramData\Package Cache and deleting the appropriate directory related to the older version. I then "uninstalled" that app from Add/Remove programs. It said there was a problem and asked if I wanted to remove it from the list. Said Yes. Then went to the second installation with the same name and was able to uninstall it. Now I am going to install with the latest version from Intel.

The Samsung laptop is nice, but their Software Update utility is bad. I'd rather update drivers/software directly from the manufacturer.


Thanks for the details on uninstall. I had 2 copies of proset at the same version in my programs (windows 8) with the error can't upgrade and a message to uninstall manually, with no other details. I Deleted one of the folders in package cache as you say, not the ones ending in 15.x.x, one of the other ones of intel's, and then I ran uninstall from Programs in the windows 8 control panel with no problems. Having removed the Intel card a few weeks ago and replaced with a Broadcom and now cleared out the proset app\drivers my Samsung 700t is working well. Assuming Intel fix the broken driver for the card I might reinstall the Intel card for widi but that I suspect will be some time away on intel's past performance on this issue... thanks again...