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WIFI problem



I don't have any problem, I just need to ask about something very important to me and to Intel,

I am an IT Administrator I know what WIFI is. 

why all new intel WIFI without exception has this problem in event viewer, lso was triggered with different netwtw10 or 08 or sometimes 06 ??????? it depends on the interface finally.

I wanted to buy new ASUS and I saw this problem and this problem means the connection is not stable.

then I went to HP the same problem there.

then I decided to get Lenovo also the same problem.

and all the new laptops I searched for were because I bought a MEDION laptop with the same problem.......

so I said ok, let me have another one but a good one, then I saw all the new Intel core I series has the same problem then guess what I went to Realtek and AMD and they are much better than that.

so the question is why is that happened with intel??

don't tell me you need the brand name and the serial number and all these stuff, I can go to the shop and make 10 pics for different 10 intel WIFI interface laptops and show you those pics. 

so please tell your programmers they need to bay more attention to the software drivers that they do 

I will wait your answer. 

thanks a lot 

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BSBmember, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

In reference to your inquiry, we will do further research on this matter to try to provide the information that you are asking for, as soon as I get any updates, I will post all the details on this thread.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel


Hello BSBmember, I just received an update on this matter.

After reviewing the case we can confirm that this error is mainly related to the driver outdated, at this point, we recommend to perform a clean driver installation following the instructions in the link below; there could be other component such BIOS, OS version updates or even AP configuration that could be affecting



Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel