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Why is my Intel 6300 AGN disabled after rebooting my laptop and how to change this?

When I have the 6300 AGN wireless adapter enabled and reboot/shutdown my laptop, the wireless adapter is enabled for a few seconds when the laptop boots back up but then is automatically disabled. I have never seen this default behavior before from any wireless adpater. With other adapters, if it was enabled before the reboot/shutdown, then it would be enabled (and stay enabled) when the laptop booted back up. I would like to understand from Intel why the 6300 AGN has this behavior but more importantly I would like to know how to change this. I thought this might have soemthing to do with the Intel PROset Wireless software interaction with the 6300 adapter but since I am using Windows to control the adpater then I do not think it has anything to do with PROset sw. I have also gone thorugh the OS setting everywhere I can think of to ensure that the wireless state is persistent through reboots and shutdowns.

Hardware/OS info:

Dell Latitude E5420

Intel 6300 AGN ( ihave tried several drivers, including the latest

Window 7 Pro 32 bit

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