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WiFi Association Issues In Windows 10


I have noticed questions in multiple forums about wifi being unable to connect on 5Ghz on multiple cards from Intel (as well as a few with 2.4Ghz), and I myself had seen these issues, with the Wireless-AC 7260, the Dual Band Wireless-N 3165, as well as the Wireless-AC 9260.

I realize that this post might be more suited on the Microsoft forums, however I am merely posting this (after having checked that no one else had already posted this, or similar, content) to provide information about this particular issue, which had started sometime in the last few months.

On Windows 10 1709 (x64) and 1803 (x64) (I could not check on anything older), when you try connecting to a wireless network (usually on the 5Ghz band, but sometimes also on the 2.4Ghz band), it would see the network, however would fail to connect, due to the adapter restarting itself during the association stage.

My situation is a fringe case, due to my wireless networks being hidden, so I had also checked this with visible networks, and the issue had persisted.

On Linux there are absolutely no issues (I had checked on both Solus and Ubuntu).

This may or may not be a driver issue, however I had also seen this happen once on the Qualcomm QCNFA435 (a.k.a. the Dell Wireless 1810) on Windows 10 1607.

Update: Fixed grammer due to missing word.

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