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Wifi network card AX201 160mhz possible solution for general problems

Just a note - I have had problems with my ax201 160mhz network card since I got my pc a year ago... It would be fine for a while (especially after updating it with the newest drivers), but every so often it would stop working (no internet, secured), and it would sometimes work after resetting the network adaptor (after going through the windows troubleshooting). My speeds were low though. It would stay connected for short periods of time and then I'd get the problems again. I finally fixed the problem today by actually taking it out and reseating it, and disconnecting and reconnecting the cables. It connected up straight away and I finally have a decent internet speed now. Who knew? Kudos to my brother in the UK (I'm in Italy) who had the patience to work through my whole network setup and finally came to the conclusion that it was indeed the network card; and he told me to unseat and reseat it etc. He reckons that the problem was that it was connecting to the 2,4 ghz network but not the 5ghz one. I've now been online and fast for the whole afternoon... a miracle!! So just bear this in mind if you've tried everything else (like I did) and nothing seemed to fix the problem! I hope this helps someone, there are loads of people out there who are having problems with this network card.
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Sophe, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.


We are glad to hear that there are no more problems with your Intel® wireless card now the computer is working properly.


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