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Will an intel Ultimate N 6300 work on a laptop with an AMD chipset?

I am planning on buying a an Ultimate N 6300 wifi card but am wondering if it will run on a laptop using an AMD chipset.

my laptop is an Acer 5552G (the bios has no whitelist so it will accept new hardware)

the motherboard specs are

Motherboard Name Acer Aspire 5552G


Motherboard Chipset AMD 760G/780G/780V/785G/790GX/880G/890GX, AMD K10

Also I plan to eventually get an ivy bridge based laptop (pretty sure it will offer a pretty significant performance boost since ivy bridge uses less power, thus allowing faster chips on laptops without running into TDP issues)

anyway, will there be any compatibility issues with the ultimate N 6300 (plan to upgrade before the end of the year)

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Community Manager

I believe you have contacted us through chat, But just in case to post the information here too, we do not have any known compatibility issues with AMD chipset. The model of laptop you have does not list any Intel® wireless adapters as an option, so that may mean that they have not tested these in this system.

Nevertheless, we do not provide any integration or warranty support on wireless adapters, the support we provide is for pre-installed systems (installed by the laptop manufacturer) who are the ones that provide the warranty for the wireless. See Intel's position in regards to this at the link below:

Community Manager

Thanks for the helpful info. while it is hard to predict compatability, this answer really helps since it shows that intel did not go out of their way to program the card in a way that will reject certain motherboards.

Also, intel should really consider marketing wifi card upgrade for laptops. (apart from upgrading the RAM, the wifi card is pretty much the next easiest part to upgrade and a faster wifi card really helps to improve the user experience. Most stock cards, (eg the lower end intel, atheros, broadcom, etc cardsoften can barely go past 50mbit/s in ideal conditions, while a card such as the ultimate n 6300 will be pushing over 200mbit/s in the same situation (can be really helpful if you backup data to a NAS regularly) (these higher end cards are also more sensitive, thus offering better range)

oficial marketing may also allow for an oficial supported hardware list like how RAm manafactures will release a list of systems that they have confirmed it to work with.

I will wait until the card that I ordered from to come and test it.