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Windows® 10 Wi-Fi Drivers for Intel® Wireless Adapters (Installation Failed)

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Hi guys i tried to update my wireless adapters atm but it says installation failed. Anyone know this issue or have a fix thank you

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Just a suggestion for the future, treat the Wireless and Bluetooth driver packages as a set. That is, if you uninstall one, uninstall the other as well. Same for installation, install both as a set.

It used to be recommended that the Bluetooth package be installed before the Wireless package. I am not sure that this is a requirement any longer, but I continue to do it and recommend that it be done this way.


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So, here's my experience: I got a msg. from Intel Driver & Support Assistant to updata the Windows 10 Wi-Fi Drivers for Intel Wireless Adapter.  It downloaded, but failed to run.  Then I noticed that my bluetooth headphones no longer worked, then I noticed that I couldn't turn bluetooth on as I normally do using that blue slider in the BlueTooth settings -- it was no longer there.

Go to the internet for help.  Found out that that bluetooth slider is only there if BlueTooth was there, so conclusion: the update--mis-update--wiped out bluetooth.  My wireless internet access was fine.

Came to this Support site and found out that others had the "failure to execute" problem as I had, and saw the manual procedure to run in lieu of a pending Intel fix.

I ran that procedure, but it didn't seem to change anything.  Then Leon (see above) recommended that I just update the Bluetooth driver using his instructions, which i did... now I can once again enjoy my headphones.

Good thing I have time on my hands.  I'm not an IT person, but know my way around the PC in terms of applications... not this infrastructure stuff.  Muddling along... happy to have folks like you to help me out.

Cheers, Bruce

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Was with Win10 Pro 19H1 64-bit, no issues sharing my OPPO Reno2 Android 10 phone internet to my Asus G752VY via wifi.

Problem started after I upgrade to 20H2, BSOD kicks off every time my phone connect via wifi to my laptop.

Followed instructions given, download and installed no hassle, succesfully installed.  But nope, still didn't worked. BSOD again in spite of the upgrade, showing on Device Manager driver settings as the active driver in use.

Googled and found a solution, not quite sure if it works for evryone, but it does for me.

My Windows 10 saying "Some settings managed by your organization". Went to Control Panel-System-Advanced System-Computer Name. Click Network ID, shows 'Select the option that describes your network' - (1)this  computer part of business network and (2) home computer. Mine set on business network.

I changed to 'home computer' and restart. Check Network ID, still on 'home computer'. Connected my phone via wifi and bang! BSOD again. After restaring the Network ID switch back by itself to 'business network' again!

Was able to connect with my computer set to 'business network', but after several times connecting and reconnecting BSOD kicks off again. **bleep**!

Went this time to phone setting, on portable network sharing there are 2 network bandwidth types - 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.

Switch my phone's bandwidth sharing to 5Ghz, wow! seems working! didn't had that BSOD again after connecting and reconnecting several times.

Hope it will last. I am no tech guy I don't know exactly why or how it works like that on my case, but sure does the trick for me.

Just sharing, hope it helps anyone by any chance


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Hello all

We would like to inform you that we will proceed to close this thread now. Our recommendation is to stay with driver version 21.90.3 and keep checking for the latest driver releases.

However, you may always try the manual installation using the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for IT Admins package 21.110.1 in case you have a specific need or requirement to update the driver.

In case you need further assistance, remember that you can always contact us directly either by phone or chat support (in your local region within normal business hours) or by creating a support web ticket using the below link:

Thank you all for your efforts, support, and patience in this matter.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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