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Windows 10 bluetooth intermittent connection


Not sure I'min the right board, but I have real Bluetooth issues.

Asus UX330U laptop, Windows 10, with latest 21H1 update, 10.0.19043; Intel bluetooth driver version updated itself today.

I have had Bluetooth connection issues for several weeks, it just started suddenly, with no apparent reason, so not sure whether it is a WIndows issue, or a driver issue,  but all are at the latest versions.

When using Bluetooth headphones, of various makes, they will connect via Windows add device, but the connection is really intermittent, with long gaps of no noise at all.

This apears to be a real issue, Bluetooth and Windows 10, so not sure where to go with this.

My device manager also shows that the Bluetooth device uses a Microsoft driver, version 10.0.19041.1. Does this clash with the Intel driver, or is that not an issue?

Any help gratefully received.


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Have you tried reverting to an older version of the driver? For example, back to version 22.70.2, available here: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/18649/646235/intel-wireless-bluetooth-for-windows-10.html.

Intel's site only offers BT installation files for 22.80 and 22.70. I have files for 22.50, 22.40, 22.30, etc. if you want to try them. Same goes for the WiFi drivers.


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