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Windows 7 PROSet Profile Computer Cert Store

Using Windows 7 Enterprise 64 Bit, PROSet Software v 13.5. NIC is Intel Centrino 6200

A machine identity certificate loaded into the the Local Computer Personal Certificate store. This is our desired configuration so we don't have to install the cert N times for N users.

Before installing the PROSet Admin tool and using native Windows 7 profiles, authentication with the server is acheived by selecting an 802.1X authentication mode of "Computer Authentication".

After installing the PROSet Admin tool I set up a PROSet profile and set the following user settings:

Enterprise Security

Network Authentication : WPA2-Enterprise

Data Encryption: AES-CCMP

Authentication Type: TLS

Selected "Use the certificate issued to this computer"

I can't authenticatie with the server unless I install the identity certificate in the local user store of the user that's logged on.

When I look at the profile using the Windows 7 wireless network manager I seee that the 802.1X authentication mode is set to "User Authentication".

How do I create an PROSet profile that sets the 802.1X authentication mode to "Computer Authentication"?


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