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Wireless AC 9560 adaptor not working. I've tried everything


Hello. I hope you are fine.

On any given day while in a Zoom meeting I lost the WIFI connection. That day I did not know what my computer was going to become ... It seemed "normal" to me and I simply connected it to the network cable to end the meeting correctly. Then what I did was simply uninstall the driver from the device manager and reboot. Everything was fine until a couple of days later.

Over time I have done the same, however, the WIFI connection lasts less and less. Today it only lasts like 5 seconds doing it like this. I tried many things: I reinstalled Windows, reinstalled the drivers in versions 22.50.1, 22.60,, changing the file "IntelWifilhv08.dll" to "_IntelWifilhv08.dll_" and so on.

The point is that the WiFi adapter does not even appear in "Change adapter options". Only ethernet and bluetooth come out.

Additionally, I ran the SSU. Here the file:

I hope you can help me please. I start to despair because I have not been able to with my classes: c

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You didn't provide any information on the wireless network. Is this a single router, or a multi-node mesh? What brand is the wireless?

I would suggest trying a USB wireless adapter on the laptop. Using that instead of the internal AC-9560 will allow you to verify that a wireless connection can be sustained, rather than having it drop out so frequently. Because you state the problem is getting worse over time, it really sounds as though the wireless adapter is failing. I didn't think they were likely to ever fail, but I have a Dell Inspiron with a functional wireless adapter that simply never receives any wireless signal. The adapter has failed, but the hardware registers correctly. No driver or BIOS is going to resolve such an issue.




Hello. Thanks for the prompt response. I have kept trying other versions of the driver and with version 20.100.0 it worked flawlessly until I rebooted the computer.

Perhaps I needed to clarify that when I uninstall and Windows reinstalls the driver, in the adapters window the WiFi adapter appears for a few seconds and disappears. Also that this happens to me regardless of the router.


I firmly believe that it is a software problem and not a hardware problem. However I wonder: can I change the network adapter? If so, what considerations should I have? Is there any compatibility I need to supply?

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From the descriptions you have provided, I doubt your problem is with the router. The fact that the adapter works sometimes, and other times does not, would point to a hardware problem. You have tried so many versions of the driver that I would think one of those would have been stable.

One thing you can do is wait for the next malfunction and then open Device Manager. Look for the network adapter and see if it is listed at all. Does it have an error indicator. You can even try to disable the adapter, wait a few seconds, and then re-enable the adapter. See how it behaves then.

As for replacing it with another adapter: I feel the best advice here is to speak with MSI. They can tell you what the hardware requirements are for that motherboard.