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Wireless-N 2230 awful internet speeds, even on different (and non-N) routers

I just bought a Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 with the Wireless-N 2230. Unfortunately, my internet speeds are repugnant when connected to wifi - around 2mbps down. Strangely, I still see the full 4mbps upload speed. My routers are a Linksys/Cisco WRT54GS2, and a new Apple Time Capsule. The problem exists on both of these routers. All of my other devices - 2 other laptops, iPhones, iPad, and any wired connections - all work fine on either router, and have full internet download speeds. The Time Capsule doesn't have QoS settings or an option to toggle WMM (as far as I can tell), and the issue exists when using the Linksys-Cisco router in a variety of states: WMM on/off, QoS on/off, Frame Burst on/off, etc. Both routers use WPA2 security. I'm using the latest wireless drivers. Any idea how to fix this problem?

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Hello cjsiege,

There are different causes for this issue to happen. We recommend you to use WPA(2)-AES encryption. Please avoid TKIP or TKIP+AES option if possible; make sure both the router and the wireless profile in your computer are setup accordingly. The following article will provide further explanation on this subject:

Data rate will not exceed 54 Mbps when WEP or TKIP encryption is configured

Please note your Intel® Centrino Advanced-N 2230 wireless adapter operates at 2.4GHz. This means it may be subject to interference from other consumer wireless devices; sometimes changing the channel may help. You may also try other settings recommended settings in order to optimize the connection:

How to access and configure advanced Wi-Fi adapter settings

Possible interference by other wireless devices may impact 802.11n performance

You may also want to update the router's firmware.

I hope the suggestions help.