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i can not connect to hotspot in my iphone. plllls help


hi all how are you?

i make all the steps to set up the hotspot in my windows 8 and the hotspot worked and appear in my iphone wifi list but it try to connect and didnt get the connections yet !!! i checked the commend netsh wlan show hostednetwork and the number of clients is 1 so how to solve it ?

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Hello Samar,

As we understand, you are not able to connect your iPhone to a wireless hotspot created with your PC. Please consider the following information related to your inquiry:

- With the information provided, we are not able to determine the type of wireless adapter and method you are using to create the wireless hotspot; however, we would like to inform that Intel® Wireless Adapters are not designed to work as hotspots (infrastucture mode), they are meant to be used as wireless clients, or in WiFi Direct* configurations. Therefore, hostpot support is not available for these adapters.

- If you were able to create a hotspot, but it is not working correctly, we advise you to contact the support team of the software or program that you are using to create the hotspot.

- You might also want to check with the support team for your phone if it has any special requirements.

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