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need replacement for wifi card intel 7260 ngff m.2<- card type


Hello, need replacement for my WiFi card for my Alienware Area-51 R2. Currently it has the

  • Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 and Bluetooth Combo Card

The card randomly disconnects my internet that 0 WiFi connection is show, only thing to let my WiFi return is by pressing troubleshoot button then my default gate is not found. has to be resetted. Seems like WiFi card fault, did everything already reinstall/unistall complete update, settings etc. now I want that card to be replaced with a new wireless card with bluetooth. Any suggestions with link please? Remember it has to be a " ngff m.2 wifi card". I want to have the best one currently to have.


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Two comments,

  1. If this Wireless-AC 7260 card came with your motherboard, you will need to check with the manufacturer and ensure that the card that you desire is compatible with their BIOS. [Aside: Usually, the BIOS - if indeed it accesses the card at all - will only access the Bluetooth portion. Since this is a standardized USB interface, all cards are essentially the same from this standpoint. Bottom line, incompatibility is rare.]
  2. Why not consider the AX200 card? This card, at US$22 (Amazon), essentially costs the same as the Wireless-AC 8265 and Wireless-AC 9260 cards that you might consider as a replacement, but also supports 2400 Mbps throughput, Wireless-AX, WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1.

Hope this helps.


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