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problem enabling wireless

ok guys im going to give you a quick run threw on what happened. So i have a laptop and there was a bit of water damage to it everything works but the keyboard short circuited and forced me to remove it from the laptop and use one that is plugged in via a USB. Before the keyboard was removed the wifi hardware radio button integrated into the keyboard turned it self off before i disconnected it causing my laptop not being able to connect to wireless anymore killing the point of having my laptop.

So my question is how do i turn on the hardware radio button without the default keyboard or how do i reconfigure the short or create a shortcut the laptop will recognize and re-enable the wireless capability of the laptop?

the NIC card (wireless chip is) intel centino wireless-N 6150

Laptop model pavilion dv7-6135dx

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Community Manager

Thank you for your post.

The issue you describe is directly related to how this laptop handles the link to enable the wireless radio, for a workaround you would want to contact the laptop manufacturer, since this shortcut is programmed by them.


In some cases laptops may have two hardware options to enable and disable the wireless Radio, you may check on the front and sides of the laptop chassis to see if you have an actual switch.