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unable to remove 5300AGN driver v.

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hi all!

my pc: dell studio 1557, Win7 64bit, wifi card intel 5300AGN

i must unistall the 5300 card driver in order to reinstall it from scratch (my network cards disappeared from network connections), ipconfig/all doesn't see the wifi card, but it is there. (i also extracted it, rebooted the pc, run "search new hardware" in device manager, then shut down and reinserted the card: can you trust me that when the card was on the table, outside the pc, the search for new hardware *found the card*?)

the existent driver appears to be v. but it is not possible to eradicate it. whatever you do, it is always there. and even if you manage to get an uncomplete install of a newer version (from exe file, or from device manager, update driver), when you go to the device manager, the driver always results being

i tried brutal actions too, to remove the driver, like searching and removing every INF file containg words "Intel Wireless", or removing from registry every line containing "intel wireless" but nothing changed.

the situation is: card phisically installed, driver not good, driver impossible to remove, no connection through wifi.

it's sufficient for me to know which files/registry lines i must remove in order to be able to do a reinstall form scratch.



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Hi maurizio lana,

For assistance with Windows* registry we recommend contacting Microsoft* for better assistance, but based on the information provided I would recommend doing a fresh installation of the Operating System because the one that you have right now looks like corrupted.