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Intel Centrino Ultimate 6300 and Windows 8 Driver problem

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Hey there.

I got the Intel Wireless Centrino Ultiate 6300 card for my laptop (Sager NP9170) and it installs and work just fine on Windows 7

The day i upgraded the rig to Windows 8, the card become very unstable with the driver from Intel (Which was released in August i believe). It push the network into Limited Connection a lot and i can't connect internet from it while my Nokia Lumia and HTC Titan just use Wifi just fine.

Currently i have to roll back to Microsoft Native Driver that comes from Microsoft Sever to make it stable again.

So any bright ideas?

This doesn't happen on Windows 7, only on Windows 8 with Intel latest driver.

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Thank you for your Post.

Note that since these wireless cards must be tested, configured and installed by the computer manufacturer, we actually recommend using the drivers posted on their website, we do offer a generic set of drivers but cannot guarantee for it to work in every system. In this situation you may want to check on your computer manufacturers website if they offer any drivers, otherwise you may need to keep the Windows* base drivers you currently have.