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Apparent missing ucrtbase.dll

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I have recently distributed an update to a  FORTRAN executable that uses MKL and OMP.  This executable was built within VS2017 and uses the lates compiler (Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler [IA-32]) (SNIP2.jpg)and uses Math Kernel Library 2020  ( for some reason when I updated it did not automatically go to update4 see SNIP3.jpg.

When this  distributed version was executed the clients version stopped at entry to PARDISO with an access violation and reference to UCRTBASE.DLL.  I suspect that it is somehow not found.  the full message is attached.  When I switched and ran on a local computer with old versions of VS and the Intel compiler.  It sill executed OK.  

I am not certain that the client computer has VS.  Is this a possible cause?  If so why now.  Older versions of virtually the same code run OK.

Any suggestions appreciated

Ian King

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New Contributor I

Adding more information.  This was 64 bit compilation, when I compiled the same code in 32 bit mode the code gave no problems.  I used identical compile settings.  Thus it appears to be a 64 bit problem.


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