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Solution not valid

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An answer to a previous question of mine was marked as a solution by the answerer, not by me. The answer is not a solution to my question. Is there really no way for me to unmark the answer as the solution ? It appears that as soon as some answerer marks his answer as a solution, that is the end of the question and no one else answers it. Which does me no good of course.

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Hi Edward, the information we had provided is only for the paid licenses. They qualify only for free upgrade to the corrosponding Intel® oneAPI Toolkit and the componenets also includes Intel® Parallel Studio XE or Intel® System Studio if it's a paid. The free licenses such as student, educator, open source contributor, or Intel® Performance Libraries do not qualify for free upgrade. However, you can re-apply for a free product using the below link.

Link -

Note - Make sure to download and install first the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit and then add Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit or the toolkit of your choice.

The Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit and the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit are available for Windows*, Linux*, and macOS*. Intel® oneAPI IOT Toolkit is available for Windows and Linux.

Qualification – No qualification is required.

Support – All Intel® oneAPI Toolkits are available at no cost and include community forum support. Community Forums

Licensing – Install and run the tools under the terms of use found in the End User License Agreement. No license files are needed.

Kindly check the below link for more information.


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The link basically says that oneAPI is free and there is no longer any licenses for it for open source developers. That is OK. I just wanted to understand if my previous open source developer license was still in effect for the oneAPI product.


Hi Edward, please be informed that an open-source developer license is a free license and it can not be upgraded to Intel® oneAPI products.

If you wish to use Intel® oneAPI products, you have to apply for a free product using the below link.

Link -

You can also purchase a new product by Choosing from the below options:

  • To purchase a new product, kindly visit the Intel® Web Store.
  • If you wish to purchase your license from a reseller, contact them to make your purchase.

Have a nice day ahead!