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tbb, mkl and tbb4py - missed wheels and dependency organization


Hi everybody,


This is reopenning  of  the previous issue: 

tbb-2021.5.0 project on PyPI doesn't provide wheels for Linux


The suggested solution to the previous issue was a new package tbb4py, which, yes, contains all the wheels (for Linux, MacOS and Windows). However, this solution is not acceptable.


Actually, our immediate dependency is MKL, which, in its turn, requires package 'tbb', not 'tbb4py'.

See METADATA from the recent MKL package:

Requires-Dist: intel-openmp (==2022.*)
Requires-Dist: tbb (==2021.*)

This information allows pip, poetry or whatever package manager to add these secondary dependencies to environment along with MKL. The package managers will not search for `tbb4py`. So, the fix is to be applied explicitly to 'tbb' project on PyPI, not 'tbb4py'.


This time tbb 2021.5.1 has wheels for Linux, but no wheels for MacOS. In additions, the same issue with MKL on PyPI - MacOS wheels are missed, I suppose, because of the issue with TBB MacOS wheels.


Obviously, something wrong happened to TBB continuous integration and deployment system.

In the previous version (2021.5.0) the Linux wheels were absent, now (2021.5.1) -  the MacOS ones. 


So far, I have to use older versions of MKL and TBB.






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Hi Dmitri, thank you for getting back to us again.

We have have contacted you internally to share some information. Please check your inbox for further updates.

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Dmitri, unfortunately we have been unable to hear back from you.

If you have any further queries, please post a new question as this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel®.

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