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Announcing Intel® VTune™ Amplifier’s Platform Profiler Feature!


Is your system correctly configured for your workloads? Would you benefit from more memory or I/O? Are your workloads well-optimized? Are you using memory and storage efficiently? Do you have non-uniform memory issues?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, Intel® VTune™ Amplifier’s Platform Profiler may be right for you.

It helps:

  • Software architects tune long-running workload
  • Infrastructure architects configure systems efficiently

Historically, VTune Amplifier has provided detailed performance data collected over a few seconds or minutes—great in many scenarios, but sub-par for longer studies where seeing the “big picture” is needed.

Platform Profiler mitigates this issue. It delivers the big picture view over a longer period of time so you can see:

  • which workloads are running well
  • which need tuning
  • which would benefit from a different system configuration



Figure 1: Example metrics display


Try Platform Profiler today

You are invited to try a free technical preview release. Just follow these simple steps (if you are already registered, skip to step 2):

  1. Register for the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Beta
  2. Download and install (the Platform Profiler is a separate download from the Intel Parallel Studio XE Beta)
  3. Check out the getting started guide, then give Platform Profiler a test drive
  4. Fill out the online survey
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