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C# nqueens example provided with VTune compatible with VS2012?

Black Belt

I tried to follow the instructions provided with parallel nqueens in the VTune released in the last month.  It goes through a project conversion.  By opening up the .sln I get the source code display, but the BUILD pull-down is empty.  I don't know how to proceed.  I notice that the folder is labeled VS9, so maybe it's not intended for current VS, or maybe it's necessary to build a project from scratch.

I'm not at all familiar with C#, but I have a project coming up for which I must prepare.

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Black Belt

This sample has no trouble building from command line:

csc /debug *.cs

but it can run only 6 ms (e.g. on Core I5 2Ghz) maybe 2ms of which is attributed to .dll function calls visible in asm. So it does little more than verify the VTune menus.