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Call graph without launching application



I am trying to run the Call Graph Profile on a running application (on XP), so I open the "Call Graph Configuration Wizard", I choose Windows/Linux profiling, I check "no application to launch", "Modify default..." and uncheck "Run activity when done". Then I choose my exe as a module of interest and I press the "Finish" button. This sequence of operations is happening while my application is running.

Then I get "Advanced Activity Configuration" dialog, I rename my application profile from "" to some name, I apply the changes, close the dialog and try to execute the profiler. "It is time to run your application" message box appears and immediately after I get the message "No module from the activity was loaded".

When I choose my module of interest I can choose dll, ocx and exe files, so I expect VTune to connect to a running application. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Cosmin Paun

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