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Can VTune Performance Analyzer support Redhat 9.0?

Can this VTune support Redhat 9.0 for kernel 2.6?

Can it support for Intel Xeon processor with Hyperthreading Technology?

If it supports Hyperthreading Technology Intel Xeon processor, then does it features on which thread is running on which logical and physical processors?

Thank you: meileng
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Bam bam bam, three great questions in a row Yaumeileng!

In order:

1) Neither VTune 1.1 nor 2.0 beta supports RH 9.0, although we do have sampling drivers for kernel 2.6.0: this means you'd have to be running on a supported OS distribution, having chosen to upgrade the kernel only to 2.6.0. (VTune 7.1 and its Linux remote agents are a little different: more on that in a minute.)

2) Intel Xeon with Hyperthreading Technology, absolutely is supported.

3) The support you'll find is related specifically to "vtl view" commands, relative to module and hotspot views (I'm quoting the man page on sampling here), wherein you'll see a -cpu option to filter views by CPU.

There's a lot more to be read on these topics. If you're curious, take a gander at:

$ man sampling

and the USER GUIDE, and REFERENCE MANUAL, default locations:




BY THE WAY: if you have windows in your environment, you might want to take a look at the VTune 7.1 beta, which supports RH9 with it's default kernel 2.4.20-8. If you are really sold on sticking with RH9, you should be able to get the VTune 7.1 Linux remote agents to work on 2.6.0 using the VTune Performance Analyzer Driver Kit, which if memory serves, actually comes with 2.6.0 sampling drivers already compiled. If not, you could certainly compiler your own.

If you'd like to check VTune 7.1 out more, the URL is right here.

I hope all this helps.



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