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Cannot resize Function Selection window for Call Graph

My application, when instrumented for the Call Graph, runs disastrously slowly. Per an earlier thread in this forum, I am trying to deselect certain frequently-called functions in it so that it will run faster. However, this is impossible because the Function Selection window under the configuration for Call Graph cannot be resized. Since many of the functions I need to select or deselect are inside the STL, they all have very long names of the variety std::vector
These names do not fit into the column available for them in the Function Selection window, and as a consequence I cannot see enough of them to deselect the appropriate ones (for example, I wish to deselect std:vector...operator[] but not std::vector...insert() ). Furthermore I am unable to increase the size of the "function name" column -- I drag it wider, but it immediately snaps back to a too-small size.
Is there any way for me to resize the Function Selection dialog or the function namecolumn inside it so that I can see the entire name of my function? Failing that, is there any other way for me to specify which functions I would like to instrument?
As it stands, the call graph is quite useless for my application since I cannot selectively instrument it, and it runs far too slowly when fully instrumented (eg, a three minute run becomes three hours under instrumentation).
Thanks for your help.
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