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Core Dump in Linux when trying to drill down to source

Curretly we are fully licensed for Windows PA/Linux RDC...

However, one of our teams has downloaded version of Linux Performance Analyzer to evaluation purposes. When he was attempting to drill down to source code, he ran into the following core dump. The core dump seems intermittent.

VTune Performance Analyzer 8.0.2 for Linux*. 30 DAY EVALUATION LICENSE
Copyright (C) 2000-2006 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

(gdb) bt
#0 0xb6648c00 in CSPLFunctionProvider::GetSVDrillDownIDO () from /common/vt/analyzer/bin/
#1 0xb6624b65 in CSPLDataManagerMDE::GetSVDrillDownIDO () from /common/vt/analyzer/bin/
#2 0xb7522983 in CSplPage::OnDrillDownToSource () from /common/vt/analyzer/bin/
#3 0xb74be480 in CIDVCMainGrid::CGridSubscriber::OnDblClick () from /common/vt/analyzer/bin/
#4 0xb74b13ea in idvc::CImplEventSender<:IEVENTSENDER>::FireEvent ()
from /common/vt/analyzer/bin/
#5 0xb679044c in idvgrid::CGrid::OnDblClick () from /common/vt/shared/bin/
#6 0xb678a5c1 in idvgrid::CGrid::OnDoubleClick () from /common/vt/shared/bin/
#7 0xb6797c3f in non-virtual thunk to idvgrid::CGrid::OnDoubleClick(idvc::CMouseEvent*) ()
from /common/vt/shared/bin/
#8 0x080c2e7f in idvc::CImplEventSender<:ISYSWINDOW>::FireEvent ()
#9 0x080955ed in idvc::QIDVCWrapper::GetPixel ()
#10 0x08092039 in idvc::IEventSender::~IEventSender ()
#11 0x081af6dc in QMetaObjectCleanUp::~QMetaObjectCleanUp ()
#12 0x080920b5 in idvc::IEventSender::~IEventSender ()
#13 0x08133ff2 in QThreadInstance::finish ()
#14 0x0813629f in QThreadInstance::finish ()
#15 0x080da44c in std::allocator<:PAIR> >::~allocator ()
#16 0x080d9025 in std::allocator<:PAIR> >::~allocator ()
#17 0x0835e5f1 in QMotifStyle::staticMetaObject ()
#18 0x081488f1 in QThreadInstance::finish ()
#19 0x08148736 in QThreadInstance::finish ()
#20 0x08135b7f in QThreadInstance::finish ()
#21 0x0806b2cb in ?? ()
#22 0xb6e1179d in __libc_start_main () from /lib/tls/
#23 0x0806a9a1 in ?? ()

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I am not sure that information you've provided is enought for VTune developers to do anything with the crash. Could you please submit a request to Intel Premier about the issue. It would be great if you attach /opt/intel/vtune/bin/vyqfagent's logs as well as some steps to reproduce the crash.

BTW, now two updates are avaliable for VTune for Linux product. Probably you want to try 8.0.4 as it includes more than 50 fixes over 8.0.2. This crash could also be fixed there.

regards, Andrei
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