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DLL / No source code shown


Hi, we have a DLL project, which is used from an interpreter via an FFI. I compile the DLL with release options and added the /Zi and /DEBUG. So I get a .pdb file for the DLL. The DLL is compiled via a VS project using ICL. The sources are distributed over several directories, but of course, all are in the same VS project.

I pointed IA's symbol path to the PDB file. And I added the root where all our sources are.

I see this line: "Resolving information for `nlpp.dll'" which is our DLL two times. I checked the PDB file and see that the paths to our source files are all included and correct. But on the "Survey & Roofline" tab I see: modules without debug information nlpp.dll

So, how to track down where things don't fit or missing?


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Ok, I seem to have found out how to resolve this.

If you make a change to the locations, you need to re-finalize your survey (which actually uses the new settings) and this "button" is at the bottom of the survey pane. That's not really logical. If I change a setting, AI should tell me: "Hey, I need to update your report now".