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Dynamic analysis - plug-in - cannot resolve symbols


Good Day,

I am using Intel Inspector for finding memory leaks, plus observing memory allocation at run-time. I can set-up the project, profiler is attached, i access results on demand and on exit. However, i cannot get any information from these results.

More details about my analysis:

  • I want to analyze a plug-in, which is a DLL, say pluginDLL.dll. This DLL is a wrapper for a library, and I have both the sources for this library and the .lib and .dll. Say this is algo.dll. The plug-in runs in a main application, say mainApp.exe.
  • I give mainApp.exe as the target for my analysis. I add in advanced tab of target properties that I only want to include two modules: pluginDLL.dll and algo.dll. i would like to know of memory problems and leaks only in the code of algo lib and plugin. I do not have source code and pdbs for the mainApp, only executable.
  • In search directories, I add the path to the source code for algo lib and for plugin. In the binaries/symbol tab, I add the path to the pdb or algo lib and plugin.

I run the analysis properly. But,

  • memory leaks / memory problems that are detected are said to come either from DLLs in mainApp, or from mainApp.exe (module associated to the problem sets). So that it seems that code in mainApp is not excluded from the analysis. All actions performed at runtime are running code in the plugin and the algo lib. and I would like to have information about the new/delete operations in the plugin and library which cause leaks, growth...
  • in the code location tab, there is this message for all problem sets: Symbol information not found. I checked that the paths to pdbs are correct... the pdbs correspond to the latest compiled version of plugin and algo lib. The pdbs are located directly in the directory that i indicate in the path.
  • even if i reset memory leaks capture and click on 'find leaks' shortly after, there is a warning: more than 100000 memory leaks. Again, I don't want to see the leaks that are from core methods in mainApp. And I have doubt that there are effectively so many leaks detected in one or two seconds of analysis...

Thanks for helping me troobleshoot !

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My tips are:

1. If your interest of pluginDLL.dll and algo.dll are not in same launched application's process, should add option - "-executable-of-interest". Usually it will be used when your app was launched by the script, or your interest of modules are in child-process. 

2. If you only wants to check pluginDll.dll and algo.dll, use option "-module-filter-mode=include -module-filter=mod1,mod2"

3. I don't know what the reason is that you said Symbol not found, and set right search path...can you debug this module by using this pdb file?

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