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Evaluation Copy won't install. Need VTune first?


Requested VTune for evaluation.

Received Serial Number and e-mail with "Thank you for evaluating the VTune Performance Analyzer for Windows*. This product evaluation will expire on August 12, 2010."

Went to link provided in e-mail and downloaded "product update" without a problem. (The wording "product update" seemed a little weird)

When I installed it seems like it is only installing Intel Profiler 3.1. After the install is over, it says to "Please install VTune Performance Analyzer 8.0 or above on your system before installing Intel Thread Profiler 3.1"

Should have I installed something else first. Was the download not the correct one?

Also, trying this on Win7. I'm I just wasting my time?

Thanks in advance

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Iam not sureif you downloaded VTune Performance Analyzer for Windows* package, or Intel Thread Profiler for Windows* package.

Please check the size of VTune Analyzer for Windows* (which package includes Thread Profiler package), v9.1 U8 build #406, thatshould be 378MB.

You have to install VTune Analyzer first, then Thread Profiler.

If you downloaded Thread Profiler package only, please do:
1)Register your product by using serial number -
2) Download right product -

Hope it helps.

Regards, Peter

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Not sure if this is user error or a design flaw of the web site. When you get to the download page you see a box that says select product. Thread Profiler is on top and highlighted in blue. Performance Analyzer is on bottom and unhighlighted. There are also some buttons to choose from (Product and Release Notes).

So two things were going on in my mind:

1) When you first sign up for the evaluation copy it sounds like its a bundle - so I'm thinking one download

2) The selection boxes kind of look like a table and I think the "Select Product" is refering to the Product and Release Notes buttons

Thepage clearly states select product so it was my error, but you may want to think about revising the page to say (NOTE: You will need to perform TWO downloads and then install the Performance Analyzer first)

I went back and re-read the registration e-mail and it doesn't say anything regarding two downloads or order of installation.

Product installed and working.

Thanks for your response

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Hi Mike:

I'm afraid the confusion revolves around the way we used to release the products and updates. Thread Profiler used to be a separate product but we started bundling it with the VTune analyzer over a year ago. So, when it was separate, we would provide an "update" package to VTune analyzer users so that they could add Thread Profiler to their VTune analyzer installation. Also, we would release updates to Thread Profiler on a regular basis and, since Thread Profiler requires the VTune analyzer environment, an update allowed users to uninstall only Thread Profiler and install the "update."

Basically, now, when you register for an eval of the VTune analyzer, you download one package and it contains BOTH the VTune analyzer and the Thread Profiler. You only need to download the "product" to get both.

Sorry for the confusion.
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