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Failed to find Dcom license during VT installation

I'm trying to install VT 3.0 for linux on RedHat 3.0 Upgrade 4. It complains about not finding a license for dcom. Does the license come with VT? or
Do I need to get one from somewhere else?

Mon 07 14:59:49: Success - Using rpm install without relocation.
Mon 07 14:59:49: Failed - Installation of dcom-license-v7.1.1-3.i686.rpm. Logs are:
Mon 07 14:59:49: Failed - D: ============== dcom-license-v7.1.1-3.i686.rpm
D: Expected size: 4077 = lead(96)+sigs(100)+pad(4)+data(3877)
D: Actual size: 4045
D: dcom-license-v7.1.1-3.i686.rpm: MD5 digest: OK (03a3651280de0583c4fb5523ac5940aa)
D: opening db environment /var/lib/rpm/Packages joinenv
D: opening db index /var/lib/rpm/Packages rdonly mode=0x0
D: locked db index /var/lib/rpm/Packages
D: opening db index /var/lib/rpm/Providename rdonly mode=0x0
D: added binary package [0]
D: found 0 source and 1 binary packages
D: ========== recording tsort relations
D: ========== tsorting packages (order, #predecessors, #succesors, tree, depth)
D: 0 0 0 0 0 +dcom-license-v7.1.1-3
D: installing binary packages
D: closed db index /var/lib/rpm/Providename
D: closed db index /var/lib/rpm/Packages
D: closed db environment /var/lib/rpm/Packages
D: opening db environment /var/lib/rpm/Packages joinenv
D: opening db index /var/lib/rpm/Packages create mode=0x42
D: mounted filesystems:
D: i dev bsize bavail iavail mount point
D: 0 0x0811 4096 5781592 4193454 /
D: 1 0x0003 4096 0 -1 /proc
D: 2 0x0009 4096 0 -1 /dev/pts
D: 3 0x0801 1024 71860 26065 /boot
D: 4 0x000d 4096 767454 767453 /dev/shm
D: sanity checking 1 elements
D: opening db index /var/lib/rpm/Name create mode=0x42
D: computing 0 file fingerprints
Preparing packages for installation...
D: computing file dispositions
D: ========== +++ dcom-license-v7.1.1-3 i686-Linux 0x0
D: Expected size: 4077 = lead(96)+sigs(100)+pad(4)+data(3877)
D: Actual size: 4045
D: install: dcom-license-v7.1.1-3 has 0 files, test = 0
D: install: %pre(dcom-license-v7.1.1-3) asynchronous scriptlet start
D: install: %pre(dcom-license-v7.1.1-3) execv(/bin/sh) pid 31389
++ date +%H:%M:00
+ HEAD_1=14:59:00
++ date +%d-%m-%y
+ HEAD_2=11-07-05
+ HEADER=14:59:00 11-07-05 dcom-license-v7.1.1:
+ '[' '' = '' ']'
+ env
+ echo '14:59:00 11-07-05 dcom-license-v7.1.1: Invalid RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX='
14:59:00 11-07-05 dcom-license-v7.1.1: Invalid RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX=
+ export _PREFIX=/opt/sag
+ _PREFIX=/opt/sag
+ '[' '!' -d /opt/sag/common/LKey ']'
+ mkdir -p /opt/sag/common/LKey
+ chmod 0755 -R /opt/sag
+ '[' '!' -f /opt/sag/common/LKey/exx711.xml ']'
+ '[' '!' -f /root/exx711.xml ']'
+ echo 'Could not found license file /root/exx711.xml'
Could not found license file /root/exx711.xml
+ exit 1
D: install: waitpid(31389) rc 31389 status 100 secs 0.017
error: % pre(dcom-license-v7.1.1-3) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
error: install: %pre scriptlet failed (2), skipping dcom-license-v7.1.1-3
D: closed db index /var/lib/rpm/Name
D: closed db index /var/lib/rpm/Packages
D: closed db environment /var/lib/rpm/Packages
Mon 07 14:59:49: Failed - Installation of the dcom-license-v7.1.1-3.i686.rpm
Installation failed. Please press Enter to continue...
Starting rollback...
Mon 07 15:00:01: Success - Starting rollback. 3 commands in stack.
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Hey anava3,
Nice to see you posting here.
The license comes with. Be sure to check the release notes to see if the exact OS you are installing on is supported or not.
If *NOT* consider the two system approach: installing the linux remote agent (vtserver, it's a separate tar ball on the VTune distribution, and has an "" instead of an "install", if memory serves).
Depending, there's a better chance that vtserver will install in a currently unsupported Linux environment than the whole of vtl/vtlec.
THEN, you find a supported OS on the same network, and install vtl/vtlec there.
From that point, you sit at vtl/vtlec and lauch sampling and callgraph activities over to the remote collector, and the information is sent back to you automatically.
I hope this helps!
PS: some folks purchase VTune for Windows, which has the same linux remote agent vtserver. In that two system approach, you install vtserver on the Linux server, and run profiling sessions on your apps from a WINDOWS VTune version. Works like a champ. I used the Linux to Linux approach in my answer above because you said you had the VTune for Linux product, not the VTune for Windows product. FYI only.

Message Edited by jdgallag on 07-12-2005 07:59 AM

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My understanding is that EM64T support for VTune 3.0 is:
-- sampling only (no callgraph)
-- vtserver only (that I talked about, not install for vtl/vtlec)
The next release of VTune for Linux, version 8.0, will have a full spectrum of EM64T support. That will be available for limited test in August of this year; will be generally available in November of this year.
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Hey beto,
When you buy or register for an evaluation copy of VTune, you get a license file (.lic), and that .lic file should work for all the software in the distro, vtl/vtlec (command line and GUI), and the linux remote agent vtserver, also sometimes called the RDC or remote data collector.
When I do this, usually prompts me for the license location if it can't find it. Maybe you have more than one .lic file, and maybe it's just for the Intel compilers, or some other software other than VTune?
IF however you are using the .lic file that came with your software, I'd run a find command, make sure no other .lic files are in the same subdirectory, and if there are, rename them (remove the .lic extension) make sure only your one true license is in the subdir.
Make sense?
If this doesn't work, and you are using evaluation software, you can register and get another eval license at our download site:
But you'll have to use a new email address to register.
Let me know if none of this helps.
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I'm sorry to inform you that 2.6 kernels are not yet formally supported. We do have support for some 2.6 kernels in an update for the Microsoft* Windows*-based VTune analyzer, but we do not have anything yet for the Linux*-based product.
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