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Failure to show event counts with source code


I've been using VTune for a few years and every once in a while the following problem arises. It has done so again on a large project I'm working on and me at a standstill.

I have a Fortran application with a large (~3000 line) main program accompanied by several subroutines (each ~ 500 lines). The main program is in one file and the subroutines are is 3 other files. I run a VTune analysis to get sampling data ("timing") and find hot spots. Ordinary usage (yawn). The main sample summarypage shows the (presumably) correct number of events in the main program, as well as the subroutines, with the main program taking up ~ 75% of the time/events. Drilling down to any of the subroutines works fine and I get the timings and so can find the hot spots. But when I drill down to the source code for the main program the number of counter events in the "timing" column are absent. Additionally, before it brings up the source view a message window appears warning me that it only shows disassembly and events in one contiguous codeaddress range andcode outside this range won't show disassemply or events.It also suggeststhat I might need to "enlarge disassembly portal size" in Source View Options. I cannot fined where the portal size is set. How do I manage to look at other code address ranges?

In the past I have overcome this by putting one of the subroutines in the same source file as the main program and drilling down to the subroutine source also shows me the time/events for the main program. This kludge does not work in the present case.

Has anyone had this problem? Is there a fix?

My Platform:

Dell Pentium Duo quad core. Windows XP, service pack 2. Intel Fortran for Windows 10.1.3 MS Studio 2005 with the Fortran and VTune integration.

Thanks in advance for any help.

David DiLaura

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