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RDC: Call-graph ok, but problems with sampling ("other32")



I've built an RDC driver forFedoraCore3using the VDK. I'm using VTune 9.0. I can successfully perform remote callgraph profiling from my Windows system, all the drill-downs work fine, right down to source code level. However, I am having problems with sampling.

Firstly,my process is listed in the Process window using its PID, not its name. Secondly, once I've worked out the correct process, all samples are allocated to either kernel or "Other32". I'm trying to collect Instructions Retired and Clockticks, using EBS. I'm fairly certain my program is built correctly because like I say, call graph works fine. I'm also fairly certain (based on the callgraph results) that there should be plenty of samples occurring within my program's modules.

Any ideas anyone?

thanks, Rob

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