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Installation/unpacking on debian

I'm trying to figure out whether I can use VTune in my Debian setup.
I know it's unsupported, so I don't excpect full soultions here.

My problems are fairly basic. I can't even install the product.

Trying to install Vtune 2.0 (348) only results in complaints about no valid license, although it works for the same license files on RH AS 2.1 .

Vtune 3.0 has a more "interesting" response. Running install results in:
"ERROR: unable to find command $c"
after I've accepted the license (twice).

In both cases the touble is inside the installation binary (sic!) so I don't have a clue on how to trouble shoot the problem.

What is the reason behind making the installation from a binary?
To me it just means that if I get in any kind of trouble installing I can't do anything. I'm not to happy about install by "magic" either. I would like to know what has been installed on my system!!

Is there any way to install VTune "manually"? What does the install program do appart from unpacking some zip/tar/rpm (or whatever) packages?
Can I install on an supported machine and just transfer the unpacked directories (and the created users/groups)?

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Hey Tommy,
Sorry about the problems you're seeing! Debian's not supported, but read on.
VTune 2.0 (and 3.0 beta) for Linux are designed for use on very specific, default OS versions only, RH and SuSE. Even if a manual installation were possible (it isn't), your chances of success are fairly low to non existant on Debian.
You'd have a better chance at installing the Linux remote agent (vtserver) to work with either a Windows VTune GUI (7.2 beta) or the Linux 3.0 VTune beta GUI to get profiling information from an application on Debian. No guarantees, but it's more likely by far.
SO, you could try a Linux remote agent approach if you have a supported Windows or other Linux server to that Debian guy.
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In order to get a server running i would need to:
1. unpack the driver kit on the debian machine, which I can't since installation doesn't work.
2. Know what parts that are related to to the driver kit so I can move them to the debian machine, which I don't know since you ignored that part of my questions about what was installed by the installation. in the previous mail


By the way I'm not very intrested in the flashy GUIs anyway, so if it should be possible to run the server on debian isn't it fairly likely that it would be possible to run the command line tool as well?
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Hi Tommy:
The remote data collector is a separate tar file available for download from Intel Premier Support in the "Beta VTune Analyzer for Linux*" product download area. After logging in, click on File Downloads in the lower left nav bar and then select the product from the drop down list and press Display File List.
The command line tool is very different from the remote collector and it uses various components that simply don't support Debian*. Sorry. :-(
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