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Intel Advisor Extension crashes Visual Studio 2017 when opening solution containing a Python + C++ project

Visual Studio Professional 2017 (version 15.9.22 and 15.9.23) crashes when trying to open a solution containing an "Empy C++" project and a "Python Application" project when Intel Advisor Extension (version 2020 Update 1) is installed and enabled.

To reproduce the issue:

- Enable Intel 2020 Advisor Extension in Tools > Extensions and Updates...
- Create a new "Empty C++" project;
- Added to the created solution a new "Python Application" project;
- Save and Close Visual Studio;
- Try to open the solution again and VS will crash after a couple of seconds with a memory access location error;

The workaround is obviously to disable the Intel Advisor Extension.

What I have also done without success:

- Uninstalled and re-installed Visual Studio 2017;
- Uninstalled and re-installed Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition for Windows (version 2020 Update 1);

I am running Windows 10 version 1909.

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Henrique, thank you very much for your finding and feedback!

We confirm there is an issue in Intel Advisor Extension.

It is planned to be fixed and released in PSXE version 2020 Update 2 in June.

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Intel Advisor 2020 update 2 has been released. Can you install it and see if the problem is fixed?

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