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Intel Fortran 11.1

Hi There,
I wanted to buy a license for Intel Fortran 11.1. I have got a few questions:

1- Is it possible to download the Intel Fortran 11.1 directly from the intel website and purchase a license from Intel itself? If so, how?
2- My machine is running with windows 7 (64 bit- Intel64). How do I know that the DVD that I am buying will be compatible with my operating system?
3- If later down the road I decide to change my OS to WIN 7 (32 bit), would this DVD (that is suitable for Intel64) be working with IA32, too?

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You can visit

There are instructions to buy software. Notes that version is for Windowsor Linux, but supports for both 32bit and 64bits.

You might read release notes first to know if your OS is supported or NOT.

You can download bits from Intel website - if you have license file, don't forget keep your private serial number of the product. If you have any question for downloading, installing - just go submit a ticket.

Regards, Peter
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It seems that these question have already been answered on the Windows Fortran forum.
If you buy a license for the current compiler and register it, you are entitled to download older compilers.
Win7 has been supported, beginniing with the later updates of ifort 11.1. I don't think there has ever been a DVD of ifort 11.1 suitable for Win7, but the downloaded updates will take care of both win7-32 and x64.
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