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Intel VTune Amplifier issues


I recently underwent training on the Intel VTune Amplifier tool and had been trying the lab exercises mentioned in the Getting Started document provided with the Linux samples provided in the training. Most of the Linux samples could not be built due to absence of specific files. Also, some of the things mentioned in the Getting Started document didn't seem available for view when using the tool. Is there any limitation of features in the eval version of this tool?

I am seeing the following issues. Any pointers on its resolution will be welcome!

1) Not displaying LLC misses in details

2) Lab 4 – How to enable prefetching

3) Lab 5 - ipp_resize_lab folder does not have any labcode folder as mentioned in Getting Started document.

4) Lab 6 - tbb_lab – build using command ./ failed. 

$sudo ./

./ line 4: icc:command not found

5) Lab 7 - itt_csv not compling. Complaining about missing md5.h file.




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