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Intel vTune: Mac OS X source issue for remote target

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Hi all,
I use Vtune for Mac OSX, to monitor performance on Linux remote targets.
Below is a snapshot showing where I am, using tachyon sample:
On the remote machine I use the home folder where I have permission to write.
My doubts arise about managing source files.
Currently the displayed sources are copied to my local "osx" machine.
Is this the right procedure?
Also by double-clicking on the relevant statement, a popup tells me that the EDITOR or VISUAL environment variables are not set.
So, Do I make a variable setting error or under mac osx this feature is not provided?
Thanks in advance for your time.
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 Could you re-attach a snapshot? Source files and symbols files should be located on the OSX host system, their directories should be added to Source and Binary/Symbol search paths in VTune as described in


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Thank you for the reply.

below the image we are talking about.




In fact, that's what I do. I wanted to be sure it was the right procedure. I use the GUI, as in the previous photo.

Going by steps:
  1) Identify the possible function to optimize ->ok
  2) I double-click on the function under analysis and open the source -> ok

Now, I think that by setting environment variables and double-clicking on the code (selected on photo)

should open the file with the editor that I set in the environment variables.

I'm on macOsx, so:
"launchctl setenv VISUAL /Applications/"


"launchctl setenv EDITOR /Applications/"

But it does not allow me to modify the source code.

My question is:

This is why it is the version for mac, so it is expected that the code will be modified directly on the remote machine ?


Is this feature badly set up on my machine?






Setting VISUAL or EDITOR allows automatically open 3rd party editor from Vtune GUI source view to edit source code. This is some kind of helper but you may open any editor by hands and load source code there to edit…


So, Are there any changes in behavior when you set environment variable  VISUAL or EDITOR? Do you still see popup tells you that the EDITOR or VISUAL environment variables are not set?If you still see the popup then it means the variables are not set for Vtune GUI. You may try to open a terminal window, set environment variable(s) via
>export EDITOR=/Applications/
>export VISUAL=/Applications/


After that you may start Vtune from the opened terminal window via

>open /Applications/

Next you may try to repeat actions to open set 3rd party editor from VTune source view.

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Hi Dimitry, thanks for your time.

I did the procedure that you suggest and have the same result of my procedure expose in a before post.

I don't see the popup but also the editor is not opened.

I don't receive other kind of error or popup.

After double-click only see the "clock" in the mouse pointer for few milliseconds, but nothing else happens. 

Thanks in advanced.