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Issues generating reports from sgx hotspots analysis data



Software version: Vtune Amplifier 2019 Update 8

As stated in the documentation, Vtune sgx hotspots analysis is deprecated in the GUI and only allowed via the CLI.

Question 1: Does this mean visualizing the result via the GUI is also deprecated? ie: can I collect sgx hotspots data via the CLI and pass the collected analysis data to amplxe-gui to accurately visualize sgx hotspots in the GUI? I tried doing so and could only find the `Hotspots` and `Hotspots by CPU utilization` panes in my GUI which made me question whether it was the right way to visualize the data.

Question 2: If visualization of sgx hotspots is not allowed via the GUI, is there a way to do the same via the command line? From what I have observed the CLI interface also does not allow a `sgx-hotspots` report type.




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1. Yes you can collect in CLI and open the collected results in GUI. We don't have dedicated view for SGX hotspots since there is nothing special there from visualization perspective. So the `Hotspots` and `Hotspots by CPU utilization` viewpoints are the correct ones and should allow to see hotspots inside enclaves.

2. Again regular 'hotspots' report will work if you want to see results in CLI


Note: if you are using the latest Intel CPU based on Icelake microarchitecture you don't need to use special sgx hotspots analysis to collect the data. Regular hotspots should work just fine. Actually practically all analysis types in VTune will work for SGX code there.

Another note: analysis of SGX applications may not work correctly on Windows at the moment or if you are inside VM since PEBS may not work properly there.

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