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Locks and wait won't work


I am profiling a piece of software using 2013 Vtune on a Windows machine by attaching the process. The Hotspot reports Spin time is significant. So, I tried locks and Waits, but it failed.. It failed stating "Collection Data Limit Reached". Even When I increase the data collection size to "999999", it throws the same error.

I also tried opening the Vtune as an Adminstrator and run the lock and wait analysis. It does the analysis but reports as "Cannot Display Data.... no viewpoint applicable for the data". Vtune reports the same error even when I did Hotspots and concurrency analysis.

The Hotspot analysis, which works normally, doesn't work when I open the Vtune as Administrator.  Moreover, concurrency analysis fails on both cases with the same report.

Am I missing some configuration/setting in Vtune. Can anyone give an suggestion on how to run the lock and wait analysis, or how to use hotspot analysis to find where the spin time (lock) actually takes place.

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I am not sure if this article can help you.

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