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Newbie lost in the product

I just started trying to use vtune today and I am completely lost. The VTune presentation (i.e. the one at file:///C:/Program%20Files/Intel/VTune/Training) looks nothing like the VTune stand-alone application or the toolbar in .Net.

Are there some examples using VTune in the .Net (c++) environment?

How do I instrument the code so I can find hotspots?

Right now I am just trying to have it evaluate a simple (1 function) console app.

Thanks for any help.
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If you chose to integrate the analyzer in the Visual Studio* .NET* 2003 environement, you should see a toolbar for the VTune analyzer, as well as a Tuning menu.

The easiest thing to do is simply press the Sampling tool button to kick off the wizard that will help you configure an activity to collect sampling data on your application. Walk through the wizard (it should mostly be filled out for you) and press Finish. Do this with your project open in VS.NET.

The VTune analyzer will launch your application, collect data, and then display it ina new window within the VS.NET environment. Note: the default is to collect data for 20 seconds, so if your app runs longer and you want data for the full duration, uncheck the box that says stop data collection after 20 seconds in the wizard.

Also, you should be aware that we have lots of information at:

and the Technical Information box (on the right) at

For example, check out How do I Profile a Microsoft* .NET* Web Application?from the Installation and Use section of the first link (above).

Hope that helps!
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