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Open Advisor XE 2013 GUI project in Visual Studio?

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I am on Advisor XE 2013 using Fortran as the language. I am also using Visual Studio 2012.

When I attempted to open the Advisor Workflow window in VS, the window hung. So, I setup my project in the Advisor GUI instead.

Is there a way that I can open the project I created in the Advisor GUI in VS without recreating it or do I have to keep using the Advisor GUI project?


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Hi Matthew - Are you mostly concerned with the workflow window?

If not, you should see the option forIntel® Advisor XE project properties under the "Project" menu in Visual Studio*, if the integration has been installed and is working correctly.

Is that option available?

Otherwise, perhaps there has been a Visual Studio* update that could resolve the hung window?

Updating either or both Visual Studio* and Intel® Advisor XE might be a way to resolve the hung window core problem ... Visual Studio* 2012 has an update 4 as the latest ... Intel® Advisor XE 2013 has an update 5.

If you would like, we could capture a hang dump and attempt to resolved that issue, but it's likely to be resolved already in the more recent versions of both tool sets, if it's a tool problem.  It would not be fruitful to investigate the hung window issue on older releases, unless you have a compelling reason not to apply updates/upgrades.

If you prefer, for secure communications with the VTune Amplifier XE support staff, you can always submit your problem to Intel(R) Premier Support.
It's free, secure technical support.

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