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PAX Service Hangs System During insmod-sep3 Invocation

I am running VTune Amplifier XE (Update 4) on RHEL 5.6 (kernel 2.6.18-274.el5xen) Nehalem family processor. I am able to run the VTune analysis that does not require the PAX kernel module to be loaded. There is not a pre-built driver for my kernel version so I built one using build-driver, accepting all the defaults. This built the module sep3_4-x32_64-2.6.18-274.el5xensmp.ko. When I try to run the insmod-sep3 script it hangs the entire system before it completes. The output from this script is below:

# ./insmod-sep3 -g vtune
Checking for PMU arbitration service (PAX) ... not detected.
Attempting to start PAX service ...
Executing: insmod ./pax/pax-x32_64-2.6.18-274.el5xensmp.ko
Creating /dev/pax device with major number 252 ... done.
Setting group ownership of devices to group "vtune" ... done.
Setting the file permissions on devices to "660" ... done.
The pax driver has been successfully loaded.
PAX service has been started.
The system hangs at that point and requires a hardware reset before it is reusable again.Does anybody have any suggestions on how to proceed?
Kevin Montagne
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Hi Kevin,

VTune drivers (sep3& pax)can be installed successfully on XEN Linux* OS, but hardware event-based sampling data collectionsare not supported since the tool cannot access PMU hardware resource on XEN Linux* OS. However user-modesampling data collection still can work on XEN Linux* OS.

Hopefully I have answered your question.

Regards, Peter
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