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Problem evaluating GPU hotspots


Hey guys,

I'm trying to analyze GPU hotspots on my chromebook (Intel Core i3-5005U Processor -  Intel HD graphic 5500 - graphic driver i915) using Vtune_Amplifier_XE_2016. 3.0.463186. 
I keep getting this error when I run  "amplxe-cl -collect gpu-hotspots -- <my app> "  
amplxe: Error: Your version of the Intel Graphics Driver is obsolete and needs to be updated before collection. 

Here is the output of "amplxe-runss --context-value-list" :

targetOS: Linux
OS: Linux
isPtraceScopeLimited: false
isTSXAvailable: false
isHTEnabled: true
isSGXAvailable: false
LinuxRelease: 3.14.0
Hypervisor: None
isPtraceAvailable: true
areGpuHardwareMetricsAvailable: UnsupportedInterfaceVersion
isEtwDxSupported: no
isEtwCLRSupported: no
isPowerAnalysisAvailable: PlatformError
isPowerKernelStacksAvailable: false
isFtraceAvailable: yes
isMdfEtwAvailable: false
isCSwitchAvailable: yes
isGpuBusynessAvailable: yes
isGpuBusynessDetailsAvailable: yes
isGpuWaitAvailable: yes
isFunctionTracingAvailable: yes
isIowaitTracingAvailable: yes
isVSyncAvailable: yes
isSEPDriverAvailable: false
platformType: 97
CPU_NAME: 5th generation Intel(R) Core(TM) Processor family
PMU: broadwell
referenceFrequency: 2000000000
isVTSSPPDriverAvailable: false
isNMIWatchDogTimerRunning: true
LinuxPerfCredentials: Kernel
LinuxPerfCapabilities: breakpoint:raw;cpu:raw,format,events;software:raw;tracepoint:raw;uncore_imc:raw,format,events
LinuxPerfStackCapabilities: fp,dwarf
isTPSSAvailable: true
isPytraceAvailable: true
isGENDebugInfoAvailable: false
Any Idea how to fix this? Do I need an older version of Vtune to get this to work? if so, how could I figure out what driver version Vtune needs to perform GPU analysis?
I'd be thankful if you could help me to get around this issue.
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For Linux* targets, to analyze Intel Graphics hardware events on a GPU, make sure to install the Intel Media Server Studio (starting with version 2015 R5) and build the kernel driver as described in the Getting Started Guide.

Only patched graphics driver from the Media Server Studio is supported by VTune Amplifier on Linux* in order to monitor GPU HW events. 

Regards, Katya


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first of all, we are happy with vtune. Thanks for the good work.

I wonder, if the issue above is resolved?


We have the very same issue of "Your version of the Graphics driver is either obsolete or not supported." on a clean minimal CentOS 7.2.1511 installation. The hardware is an Intel NUC Skull Canyon.

Steps in order to use vtune with GPU Hotspots analysis:

1) Installation of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 Cluster Edition

2) Installation of Intel Media Studio 2017 Production16.5 Community Edition

For the installation of the Intel Media Studio the script is used, as described in


Is a manual installation of Intel Graphics Installer for Linux* 1.4.0 required? ( )

(If so, how does this work with CentOS 7? On Fedora 24 the installation works like a charm with the rpm-package.)


Best regards


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finally, the driver works as expected.
The media server install-script ( uses yum to install a couple of packages. In my case, the wrong repository was used for that task. I will post more details soon with the hope that it will help others with the same issue. For now, I just confirm that everything works fine.

Kind regards


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