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Problem with VTune in mixed software architecture


We are using VTune in our team to profile and optimize performance of our applications.
Main application was previously implemented in native C and C++ but since last version we introduced .NET through C# modules and managed C++ DLL.
The result is that we are no more able to run VTune on our application. Profiling with VTune, we always have some access violation and application crashed.
For instance, to be able to run a call graph activity we must instrument our DLLs at "minimal" level which is no so usefull to us.
Behavior is the same whatever the type of application project we create (native or .NET).

Any idea on how to parameterise such projects to be able to run VTune on this type of application ?

Thanks in advance

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You need to see part D of this article and determine which module is crashing because it is instrumented. It may be that you will not be able to collect call graph data for that module. Some code is sensitive to being instrumented. That reasons are diverse and we couldn't tell you why without doing a complete analysis and debug session using your application.

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