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Profiling clock cycles on emulator for WM 6

I have downloaded vTunes Amplifier XE trial and would like to profile the clock cycles required to run a program that was developed in Visual Studio 2008 with the Windows Mobile 6 Classic Emulator (Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK and Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Developer Tool Kit were installed).

I'm doing this so that I can calculate a rough MIPS value for running my program. Unfortunately, when I attempt to create a vTunes project in VS2008, it is stated that my binary "is not an executable binary".

1) Is this because vTunes does not support analysis of Windows Mobile programs?

2) Is so, is there any other way I can profile this program, either on emulator or an external device.

Please advise.

Thank you!
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Unfortunately Windows Mobile system is not supportedin current product, including Emulator and external device.

My suggestion is to build Applicationsfor Windows XP or Windows 7 to test (e.g. know hot functions, parallelism), thenimprove them and retest. Finally build code for Windows Mobile.

Regards, Peter
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