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Profiling of a QuickWin project under MPI and Windows - any advice how to proceed

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I use QuickWin to provide graphical out during execution in order to accelerate development and find errors.This is a invaluable tool for e.g. physical problems. I now want to profile the code and wonder if there are any special precautions to be taken at implementation of Vtune Amplifier. Is Vtune 2019 stable or should I rely on earlier versions? Graphics will be removed during production runs, so maybe profiling should be performed with graphics removed giving a simpler profiling output?

I am very grateful for suggestions how to proceed. I have understood that there are different ways of attaching Vtune to the executable. Any suggestions here?

With thanks in beforehand

Anders S

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Hello Andres,

Two general comments: use the latest VTune Amplifier version - it usually has the latest fixes, latest OS updates support and updated drivers for driver-based collections so it is highly recommended to use the latest product updates. Also the recommendation is to do profiling on productions runs (release versions plus symbol information) to focus on really important performance issues. But VTune should work fine with QuickWin library if you want to profile this version of your application.

Thanks & Regards, Dmitry


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