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Sampling and counter monitor as hardware mon



I'm totally new with Vtune.

Therefore i have a lot of questions???

I want to use vtune to monitor what the CPU is doing.

I want to see the number of cache misses that happen in the L1 L2 (L3) cache.

And also how many branch mispredictions, trace cache misses and so on.

I have played a bit with it but i did not make a lot of progress.

I don't know how to interpret the results neither what events to follow to get the correct results.

Mostly i will use it to follow some benchmarks.

The second question i have (at the moment) is how to activate more performance counters per run.

I understand the P3 has only 2 counters and the P4 has 18 performance counters.

Is it possible to activate all 18 in one run?

Up till now i do not understand it very well.

I quickly looked in the help but i still havent found it.

I also followed the tutorial.

And for the main part of the info that i need, i assume i will need to use sampling and the counter monitor.

thanks in advance

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To add to what tcprince has said:

Starting with version 7.1, the Sampling Wizard can be configured to automatically collect events that will allow the Tuning Assistant to analyzer your application. Select "a few runs" or "many runs" to collect enough events for the assistant to analyzer your application performance.

While a processor may support X number of event registers, certain registers can only be programmed for certain events. Therefore, the analyzer attempts to optimally allocate the registers, but multiple runs may be required because of the events that are selected.

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