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Segmentation fault from vtune server during calibration

Hi -
I'm trying to set up a remote session using VTune/vdk on Linux, Red Hat 9.0, kernel 2.4.18, and Windows XP Professional. The kernel is from 7.3 and is listed as supported by the release notes. Both machines are Intel CPU's, 32-bit systems.
I have built the custom kernel module (I have a slightly customized kernel), insmod'd it with the insmod script, and started the VTune server. It starts correctly and listens. There are no errors, warnings, etc. that either the driver or the server is unhappy.
The windows client runs the tutorial (locally) with no issues. I created a remote activity/project to the Linux system. This connects correctly, begins calibration, and one of the two vtserver processes segfaults 10 seconds into the calibration. It is consistently generating 50k of raw data then failing.
If I attempt to restart the server, it notices and kills the leftover thread, and the whole cycle repeats.
Any ideas on what is faulting or how to get past this?
Thanks for your help!
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Please describe your "activity" more completely. How are you configuring it and to collect what data?
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