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Thread Checker evaluation - Technical problem


Im looking for information associated with Thread Checker and I could not find a Thread Checker forum.

Ive down loaded an evaluation copy of Thread Checker and Ive instrumented our C++ server. Everything works great until the server listens on the http socket. If I put an exit() just before the server call to listen on the http port, Thread Checker generates a nice report associated with server initialization. So the product seems to be working as is expected.


However, once the server is listening on the http port and the client sends a request (I can see that the connection is established using netstat) the server seems to disregard the request. The server is essentially doing nothing, CPU is at about 0%,etc.


Is this a limitation of the evaluation copy of Thread Checker or is this a technical problem?

Where can I find a feature comparison of the evaluation copy vs. a production copy?

Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know, there is no Evaluation version of the Software itself - its just the license which can be an evaluation license.

Can you please describe the problem you are experiencing in more detail? For example:

- what version of Thread Checker are you using (if you are not using the latest version, please try installing the latest version and reproduce the problem)

- what settings are you using for the Thread Checker run

- is the application you are running an "open source" application(if so, please provide details to reproduce your problem)

- is it possible for you to reduce the problem to a smaller one and share the reproducible case?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Particularly if you are using the linux thread checker, you may have better results by setting the thread checker installation PATH, as well as thecompiler PATHs, compiling with -tcheck, running to generate the threadchecker.thr, and using the tcheck_cl to view the messages. Thread Checker for linux has fallen behind compiler development;maybe it couldcatch up with the next major compiler release. I have had most success with the x86-64 version of thread checker.

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