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Update 4 for Intel Inspector/Advisor not properly integrating into VS 2019


According to an email I received from Intel, Update 4 of Intel Inspector, Intel Advisor, and VTune Amplifier are available for Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019.  The Inspector update supposedly fixes the problem with failure to run on Windows 10 version 1809.  I am now able to run Inspector on my WIndows 10 version 1809 machine.  Thank you.

The release notes also claim that integration into Visual Studio 2019 is now supported.  I installed the updates for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019.  The tool icons show up in the tool bar for VS 2017.  However, in VS 2019, I get a message on the menu bar "Visual Studio did not load one or more extensions that were using deprecated APIs."  Just yesterday I installed the recent VS 2019 update 16.1.0.  The VTune Amplifier icon on the tool bar is "active", but the Intel Inspector and Intel Advisor icons are grayed out.  I do not know whether the VS message and the grayed out icons are related.

EDIT: I clicked on the "manage performance" option in the VS 2019 warning message.  Indeed it lists two items under "deprecated APIs", those being Intel Advisor 2019 and Intel Inspector 2019.  The messages are "This extension was not loaded because it uses deprecated synchronous autoload APIs."

Thank you for any help fixing the problem.

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It is possible to load the Intel tool extensions via the tool-bar message.  To avoid constantly seeing this message during a VS 2019 session, one should disable the warnings for the "current extensions."   Apparently, it is not possible to select which extensions have to load synchronously and which ones load asynchonously.  A blog page for this new feature of asynchonous autoload is

Intel Parallel Studio XE and and Visual Studio are my most used tools, and my preferred workflow is to use the Intel tools from within VS 2019 rather than as standalone tools.  I appreciate the effort both companies put into these.  One suggestion for improvement is to have Microsoft work more closely with Intel to let you know in advance every time the VS folks decide to modify VS in a manner that will adversely affect the Intel tools (and other extensions).  VS is updated so frequently that the interruptions from broken extensions distracts from day-to-day operations.

Thank you.



Thank you for your very helpful post. 

Yesterday, I updated to Intel Parallel Studio XE Update 4 and Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.1.2, and wondered what happened to the Inspector and Advisor icons.  They were grayed out, even though the VTune Amplifier icon was active.

The Microsoft link you provided gave me all I needed to solve the problem.

Thanks again for posting your solution.